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2010 ASMA
March 14
April 11th
May 2
June 13th
September 12th
October 10th
November 14th

2010 ASMA
Trackday Schedule
Jan 23-24
Feb 13-14
March 13
April 3-4, 10th
April 24-25*Special Evt
May 1, 8-9
June 5-6, 12
July 3-4
August 7-8
September 4-5, 11
October 2-3, 9
November 6-7, 13
December 4-5

Advanced Riding
Edge Motorsports
El Paso
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There will be an Advanced Riding School on October 31-Nov 1st.  Spots are
limited, reserve yours now. Cost is $300 and includes breakfast and lunch.


When- Saturday, December 5th, 7pm
Where - Apache Homelands Entertainment Center (across the freeway from

Awards to be given include class champions in each class.

Unlimited Supersport Expert, Tibo Few
Unlimited Supersport Amateur, Eric Sotomayer
Lightweight Superbike, Ken Murray
Middleweight Superstock Expert, Craig Odom
Middleweight Superstock Amateur, Ryan Cairns
Heavyweight Superbike Expert, Craig Odom
Heavyweight Superbike Amateur, Ben Alarcon
Formula Amateur, Eric Sotomayer
Formula Arroyo, Tibo Few
Lightweight GP, Ken Murray
Middleweight Superbike Expert, Craig Odom
Middleweight Superbike Amateur, Ryan Cairns
Lightweight Grand Prix, Ken Murray
Unlimited Superbike Expert, Tibo Few
Unlimited Superbike Amateur, Eric Sotomayer

Top 5 in overall points in both expert and amateur ranks, plus the top 10
numberplates for 2010.

1. Tibo Few
2. Roger Heemsbergen
3. Mike Ortiz
4. Craig Odom
5. Tiras Banks
6. Thomas McFarland
7. Kevin Edgington
8. Tom Savoca
9. Mike Browne
10. Dillon Felt

Plus, Sportsman of the Year, Shop of the year, Staff Member of 09, Most
improved Amateur and Most Improved Expert.