2014 4 Hour Endurance August 3rd
We must have 10 pre entered teams.
Onboard lap of Arroyo Seco Click Here
2014 ASMA

March 8-9
April 5-6
May 3-4
June 7-8
Sept 13-14
Oct 11-12
Nov 8-9

2014 ASMA
Trackday Schedule
January 18-19
February 8-9
March 1-2 Tentative
April 5, 19-20
May 3, 10-11, 31
June 1, 7
July 5-6
August 2-3 (1/2day 3rd)
September 6-7, 13
October 4-5, 11
November 1-2, 8
December 6-7

Advanced Riding

2 Day Advanced
ASMA New Racer Referral Certificate

ASMA Trackday Discount Certificate
Motorcycle Roadracing
Results at Motorcycle
Military discount always available for all events at Arroyo
Results and points are now up for the April 6th races. Lap times are also uploaded
to a PDF.
Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been having a hard time sitting at my real
computer to update and the laptop I have been using isn't up to the task.

The results, lap times, and points are now current. Everything is in PDF files
available on the results page.

For those who want to know how Roger Heemsbergen is doing after suffering a
nasty crash in May, he is still recovering but plans on being at the September races.
*not as a racer of course