Race Classes
MTI Ready Mix Formula 2 / Lightweight Twins and 4's
This class is open to any 500cc and under 2 stroke single, 250cc and under two stroke twin, 700cc and under 4 stroke 4 valve
twin, and up to 1000cc 4 stroke 2 valve twin. Also, up to 400cc 4 cylinder 4 stroke machines.
Mr. Suzuki 750 Superbike  AM/EX Two wave start
This class is open to 750cc 4 stroke 4 cylinder machines, 900cc triples, and up to 1000cc twins. Amateur and Expert
Lone Star Title Beginner
For 2003 ASMA adds a beginner class to encourage those that don't want to ride with the more experienced racers and to give
those just starting out a chance at winning their first race a bit sooner. Riders are eligable to race the beginner class up to three
times or until they win the class, upon which they will be promoted to the amateur class. Bikes are unrestricted so long as they
meet the safety guidelines.
The only restriction in the formula 40 class is that the rider must be at least 40 years old to enter. Proof of age is required to enter
this class especially if You look under 21!
Zia Homes Southwest Thunder
The Southwest Thunder class is made specifically for non 4 cylinder motorcycles. Any size single, twin or triple cylinder machine is
eligable as long as it meets the safety requirements.
Rio Yamaha 600 Superbike
650cc 4 cylinder machines, up to 750cc twins.
Motorcycles Unlimited Open Amateur
Unlimited displacement machines and amateur licensed riders only.
Franklin Door and Trim Open Superbike
Unlimited displacement, experts only.
Hidalgo County Herald 600 Amateur
Up to 650cc 4 cylinder 4 stroke machines, up to 750cc twins. Amateur licensed riders only.
Motorcycles Unlimited Formula Arroyo  AM/EX
Formula Arroyo is the top class in ASMA racing. Unlimited machines, experts only and a cash purse. $200.00 for 1st, $125 for
2nd, $100.00 for 3rd, $50.00 for 4th and $25.00 for 5th. When the series grows, the purse grows! This is a 20 minute race.
Zia Homes Team Sprints
More like a team endurance, the team sprints event has quickly established itself as a favorite with both riders and spectators
alike. Starting off with a LeMans style start, the lead rider rides for 20 minutes before making a mandatory halfway pitstop to
hand off to his teamate, who rides the remaining 20 minutes. At almost every round in 2002 the finishing order was only decided
by a few seconds!
Have an older bike and want to do some roadracing? The ASMA vintage class is for you. 1993 and older bikes are eligable so
this is an inexpensive way to try roadracing.
Formula Amateur by HelmetHarbor.com/PipeCity.com
This is an unlimited displacement amateur money race with a $300.00 purse. Amateurs only, 20 minute racing.
BMC West Formula 40
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