Arroyo Seco Raceway is a 1.4 mile purpose built roadcourse. For motorcycle use it can be
run in either direction, plus it can also be run in a 1.1 mile configuration. This gives
ASMA the opportunity to run 4 different racetracks!  There are no trees, walls, or armco
always used the 1.4 mile version, alternating between running the track clockwise and
counterclockwise at every other event.  Finally, a racetrack that doesn't need airfence!!!  
This makes ASMA events extremely safe for both trackday riders, who don't want to
scratch their streetbikes, and racers, who don't like hitting immovable objects at
racetrack speeds. Just pick the bike up and run off into the smooth desert instead of
crashing when you miss a turn

Arroyo Seco also has the best rates around for private testing during the week. Get 5 guys
& gals together and it's only $100.00 a piece with no traffic.