Safety is the most important factor of ASMA, therefore we do require
that You have a motorcycle in good
working condition. Tires must be in good shape, both front and rear
brakes must work, nuts and bolts must be
tight. Also, we require lights, glass and mirrors be either removed or
taped over.  As far as riding gear, we require
a helmet in good condition, gloves, boots, and leathers (either 1 piece, or
2 piece leathers that zip together.

Price for ASMA Trackdays are now  $80.00 paid 7 days in advance or
$105.00 the day of the meeting, with no gate
fee's.  All 2 day trackdays are $155.00 for both days paid 7 days in
advance. We can take credit cards over the phone
or payment can be mailed to Arroyo Seco Raceway, 20030 Hwy 549 SE  
Deming, NM 88030.